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MINDFRAME is a talented rap artist, songwriter, and singer with a specific view on life, his own unique sound of hip-hop, soul, and R&B fused, and a talented southern-artist who is well-skilled in punch-lines and metaphors. Born and raised in the streets of Memphis, TN, he always strives for greatness and did not mind going against the
grain. Music was his only gateway to begin expressing himself and also helping him to escape his earthly troubles. Now a College Graduate, an Army Veteran, an Entrepreneur, and Independent Artist are all a few of his many accomplishments and many tasks that he deals with day to day.

MINDFRAME’s music is raw and authentic because he raps what he lives! He is an amazing and entertaining artist in the studio and on the stage. MINDFRAME has performed in many cities and states such as Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, New York, South Carolina, and even internationally in another country! A few of his singles (like Homegoing Celebration, Strange Change, and Lay Ya Down) have made it on radio stations (K97, 101TheBeat in Nashville & Memphis, TN, Atlanta, GA, Huntsville, New Orleans, and New York just to name a few). He is honing a voice and a sound of his own! Intelligent, down to earth, a man who demands respect, but is as humble as they come! His style is mainly based on the Mind Over Matter mentality, the game, life experiences, self-motivation, the hustle and grind, women, and enjoying life as we know it! In the past, he released his debut
mix-tape entitled "DontMINDMe" hosted by DJ Smallz of Southern Smoke, and also two EP's, "State Of MIND" and "OuttaSightOuttaMIND" (available on all digital platforms).

His most recent releases are a few hot new singles called, "BACK IN MY BAG", "One More Time", and "Conversations With a Playa"! MINDFRAME's projects have been nominated for Album of the Year (2019), Most Slept on Artist (2019), Mixtape Artist of the Year (2021), Streaming Artist of the Year (2022), and Artist of the Year (2022) for the Southern Entertainment Awards! All his new current songs are another surefire banger and another indication that MINDFRAME’s stock is set to rise exponentially in the later years to come. He has also been interviewed by Dj Scream of Hoodrich Radio, BrinkTV, Concrete Magazine, Dirty Glove Bastards, The Progress Report, and many more! If you’re after an MC who possesses intricate rhyme schemes, breakneck delivery, and
powerful content, then MINDFRAME is your go-to guy. He possesses a bewitching flow. His lyrics are honest, outlandish, catchy, and inventive. He is THE artist to watch and next to blow!



"Conversations With a Playa"

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